Good Works, Good Will, Good News
2016 SERVE GP - June 25th/26th
Serve & Celebrate
Serving Christ, Loving People

2016 Project Assignments List


Saturday, June 25th

Why Serve?

The church is the strongest single community of people in Grants Pass. SERVE GP is an attempt to unite these churches in an effort to make an eternal impact upon our city through tangible acts of service in a demonstration of God's love. Our goal is that through our annual SERVE GP service day, believers will be inspired to adopt a daily pattern of service to those in need around them, that God might be glorified by his people.

Sunday, June 26th

Why Celebrate?

Serve GP is about demonstrating God's love through tangible acts of service and then celebrating God's love together. On June 27th we rally together to celebrate God's work in our community and in our lives. We set aside our differences and come together for a time of worship, fun and celebration. We invite EVERYONE to come out and celebrate God's goodness with us.

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June 25th/26th, marks the seventh annual "SERVE GP" for the churches of this valley. 

Over the last six years we have seen what can happen when Christ’s body 
works in unity. Amazing things happened all throughout the valley when as many as 1500 people from different churches and organizations joined together in serving our community.

     We are convinced of the Lord Jesus’ command to love one another by treating people better than ourselves. Because of this belief, we are setting out to do just that. With SERVE GP, we want to love people by walking the Christian walk, not just talking the Christian talk. We will do this by serving individuals and the organizations that serve them in our community. We believe that God has prepared good works for each and every believer so that we may walk in them. We believe that God has set apart June 25th/26th, to be a weekend where many folks will humbly walk, side by side, in good works. We believe that these good works will create good will, allowing good news

 So, please, join us as we SERVE Grants Pass!

  How Does This Work?
1. Read through the current projects list. 
2.  Sign up online or request a sign up form from your church.
3. You may choose a particular project or sign up to serve where needed.
4. You will be contacted by the project manager to which you are assigned and he/she will lead your team all day until the completion of the project.
5. On June 25th, we take to the streets and let God’s love flow through us as we love and serve the people of our community!
6. We encourage families, home groups, and friends, to sign up to work together.
7. Then, you can pray for the people you have just served over the next year.


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